Santa Rosa Basecamp Adventure
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Trip Info:
Duration: 4 DAYS or 5 DAYS  
Distance: 30-40 MILES 
Difficulty: 3/5
DATES: 10/10/22- 10/14/22
10/18/22- 10/21/22

4 DAY: $1500 5 DAY: $1750

AGES 14+

Trip Description:

This basecamp adventure is the best way to experience Channel Island's Santa Rosa Island. It is home to endemic species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on earth.  While the coastline of southern California is highly developed, the Channel Islands remain undeveloped and wild.

On this trip, we will set up a basecamp at an established campground, 1.5 miles from the pier.  Once the boat leaves, you and the other campers will have the island to yourselves.  Each day we'll do a unique hike in a different direction. On this tour you experience solitude, wildlife found now where else in the world, ocean views, remote beaches, and you will eat fresh, healthy and delicous meals prepared by your guides.


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We will meet the evening before our trip starts in Ventura, California at 5:00 pm, at a predetermined hotel. In this meeting, we will do a general orientation that will cover introductions, trip itinerary, safety precautions, pack fitting and group gear distribution. Most importantly, this is a chance to meet with your guide to discuss the personal gear and clothes that you plan on bringing; your guide will offer advice about what to bring and what to leave behind for a successful and comfortable trip. This meeting generally lasts one hour.


  • Boat ride from Ventura Harbor: 3 Hours

  • Destination: Torrey Pines

  • Distance: 6 Miles

  • Difficulty: Moderate

We will board the ferry at the Ventura Harbor, and ride 3 hours to the pier at Santa Rosa.  Once unloaded, we will begin a 1.5 mile, flat and easy hike to the campground.  Once we set up our tents, we will begin our first day hike! From the campground, we will head east, towards a small grove of one of the rarest pines in the world—the Torrey Pine.  This pine tree only grows native in two places in the world, on Santa Rosa Island and near San Diego.  The hike will drop us down Water Canyon, along one of the old ranch roads, which is perfect for walking and talking two abreast.  Once we reach the grove, we’ll climb steeply up, into the heart of the pines.  As we climb, we will have a spectacular vantage point to look down on the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs of Santa Rosa


  • Destination: Skunk Point

  • Distance: 8 miles

  • Difficulty: Moderate

We’ll start by following an old ranch road—perfect for walking and talking.  Once we get to Skunk Point, we’ll have great opportunities to explore tide pools and surge pools, observe marine wildlife, and spend the day near an old ship wreck, soaking up the sun on a sandy beach.



  • Destination: Black Mountain

  • Distance: 6.5 Miles

  • Difficulty: Strenuous

This hike is steep, but rewarding.  On the top of Black Mountain, you will be able to see the wind-swept topography of this rugged island.  You will be able to marvel at the Pacific Ocean, California’s mainland, as well as Santa Cruz and San Miguel.  This is a great vantage point to take in all that you have accomplished so far, and excite you for the days to come.


  • Destination: Lobo Canyon

  • Distance: 10 Miles

  • Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

After a big breakfast, we'll hit the trail toward the pier.  The trail leads us up and over a hill, onto a plateau with expansive views.  Soon, the trail will descend into a canyon with amazing sandstone cliffs, sculpted by wind and water.   We'll keep an eye out for Island foxes and birds along the way.  Eventually, the canyon opens into fantastic ocean views, where we can walk along the tidepools and dramatic cliffs, and continue to check out the sandstone formations.  After eating lunch at the coast, we'll head back the way we came.


  • Destination: Carrington Point

  • Distance: 8 Miles

  • Difficulty: Moderate

We'll quickly break down camp and head back to the pier, where we'll store our gear in lockers.  Then make our way to Carrington Point.  The trail begins with a short, steep hill, followed by rolling hills, scattered with windswept trees, and spectacular ocean views.  Once we get to Carrington Point, we'll be able to look down on seals, sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, and other marine wildlife.  We believe this view is the best way to end the trip.

Trip Variations:

Nomadic By Nature always tries our best to follow the itinerary as closely as possible.  However, there may be slight variations based on the National Park Service permit system and the ever-changing dynamics of the outdoors. 

Gear Checklist 
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We want your experience to be unforgettable for the right reasons -- so let's make sure you have what you need! Click below to review the checklist of what is provided, and what you'll need to bring on your backpacking trip in Yellowstone National Park. 

Travel Logistics
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Due to the nature of the Park Service’s permit system, Nomadic By Nature will not know the exact dates of your trip until April.  As soon as we get our permit dates, NBN will notify you immediately.  We strongly recommend making your accommodation and flight reservations at that time.


Santa Rosa Basecamp Adventure will depart from Ventura, California. We ask all guests to arrive in Ventura the day before the trip starts, so they can attend the pre-trip meeting, which will be at 5 pm the night before.  If your flight is delayed, please reach out to Nomadic By Nature.

We strongly recommend NOT flying out the same day that the trip ends.  With long boat rides and unpredictable weather, it is hard to predict a precise time that we will arrive back at Ventura Harbor.


Nomadic By Nature is not responsible for providing accommodation the night before the trip, the night we return from the trip, or providing transportation to and from the harbor.

Refund & Cancellation
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Cancellation policy is per person.

  • Cancel 30 or more days prior to trip departure, refund less the $300 deposit.

  • Cancel 29-14 days prior to trip departure, refund 50% of the trip cost.

  • Cancel less than 14 days prior to trip departure, receive a trip credit.

    • Trip credits are for the full trip amount and are good for three years.

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  • Guests are required to wear masks while on the boat, as per National Park guidelines.

  • Hand-washing stations are available throughout the trip and hand sanitizer is provided

  • All dishes will be cleaned using hot water, soap and bleach

  • All gear will be thoroughly cleaned and washed after each trip

  • Guests are asked to stay home if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms

Even if you have received the Covid-19 vaccination, Nomadic By Nature will still ask you to comply with these precautions for the safety and comfort of others. If you are feeling sick, we want you to stay home and heal; that’s why we are offering a full trip credit up until the moment the trip departs.

Why Nomadic By Nature?
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It's a lot of planning and a big commitment -- you don't want to choose just any outfitter or guide to take you into the wilderness for a several day stretch. Our experience is vast, personally and professionally, and we want you to be confident in choosing Nomadic By Nature. To learn more about our background and passion for backpacking and the outdoors, click below to read our story. We have much to share and show you -- so we hope you'll join us for an unforgettable experience! 

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