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Visiting Yellowstone in Fall

#Fall in Yellowstone is remarkable, and is typically characterized by golden grass, blue skies, glistening aspens and THE RUT.

#Elk mating season, referred to as the rut, occurs in the fall. Bull elk bugle (which is one of the most wild and wonderful noises) to attract female elk, called cows. They also strut with their chest puffed out and antlers held high to show that they are fit for breeding. The bugle is also used to warn opposing bulls who are trying to take over their harem. When another bull enters its territory, a challenge ensues; the bulls wrestle with their antlers, until the weaker bull gives up and walks away.

The rut is incredible to watch (from a distance, of course), and hear.

The best place to see elk rut is at the north entrance, or at Mammoth Hot Springs.


Another perk to visiting Yellowstone in the fall is the changing of the season. Present in the valleys of the Yellowstone, Gardner and Lamar River, #aspens shimmer gold in the fall. Grasses also turn gold in the fall, and watching it sway in the wind is pretty great. The weather can be quite crisp in the fall, so make sure you always have a winter coat, hat and gloves, especially because you never when the first snowfall will happen.


Another great way to fully experience Yellowstone in the fall is by taking advantage of the (sometimes great) weather after the roads close, but before snow accumulates. All roads in the park close in the beginning of November, and if the weather cooperates, bicyclists can ride the road, free of vehicles. Check out this link to the Park Service’s website for more information.


We think the best way to capture the fullness of fall is by taking a #hike. By getting off the beaten path, you are able to see shed antlers, lone bison, remains from wolf kills, and experience the changing scenery.

Our favorite hikes in Yellowstone in the fall are:

· Rescue Creek

· Lonestar Geyser


#Backpacking is amazing in the fall. There are so many great places to check out, but we think the best backpacking trips in Yellowstone in the fall are the following:

· Cascade Corner -- solitude, backcountry geysers, hot springs, crystal-clear rivers, and expansive meadows

· Heart Lake to Mount Sheridan -- thermal hot springs, pristine lakes, big rivers, remote valleys, and mountain summit views

· Black Canyon of the Yellowstone -- raging rivers, amazing geology, waterfalls, and ever-present wildlife

Come see why the fall in Yellowstone is so remarkable!


NOMADIC BY NATURE offers a variety of Yellowstone hiking tours-- from multi-day treks to guided day hiking, there is something for everyone. Find a trip that is best for you, and come experience the grandeur of the World's First National Park!

Featured Trip: Cascade Corner

“Cascade Corner” refers to the southwest corner of the park, and it’s easy to see why — this guided trip through Yellowstone follows the Bechler River and its many cascading waterfalls. You have the chance to experience the solitude of backcountry geysers, soak in hot springs, gaze into crystal-clear rivers, and enjoy the vast and expansive Bechler Meadows. This backpacking trip offers a little bit of everything.

Come see why so many people call this the best backpacking trip in all of Yellowstone!

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